I have been foraging, grinding, mixing, cooking, and teaching about natural dyes and pigments and their historical methodologies for over twenty five years. My initial engagement was to make and use them as paint. Gradually these raw actors asserted their voices more loudly; material comes with its own language, syntax. I listened- delved into the history and context, the science, the uses in culture, conquest and commerce. I collaborate more and intervene less, for a meaning rooted in physicality. Material feminism and culture influences my work, often infused with grief and mourning for the violence and devastation of the world. In a solastalgic act I lament, rage, and celebrate the inescapable material conditions of being in a body.

These plants were gathered at I-Park Residency, October 2016, to be made into dyes and incoporporated into Invasive/Native Taxonomy books created at the residency.

6 artists came together for an indigo dyeing weekend, dyeing paper and fabric- Patricia Miranda, Jeannie Heifetz, Beth Dary, Paula Overbay, and Brece Honeycutt. 
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