A Repairing Mend
April 2- May 8, 2022

OPENING April 2nd, 2022
Reception 4-7pm

A Repairing Mend is a project grounded in research of historic material practices, rituals of grief and mourning, and the violence of environmental and gendered commodification. The works reflect the role of textile in the labor of care in women’s lives, and as a form that wraps our bodies from cradle to grave. Recent projects began with family lace from the artist's grandmothers, Emenegilda and Rebecca, and grew to include donations of lace and linens sent from around the world. The donations include antique, vintage, and machine-made lace in animal, vegetable and synthetic fibers, and accompanying stories of the family and the maker. This has grown into an ongoing archive and research project, The Lace Archive. Each piece is photographed, measured, and collected before being used in a work. The community is invited to participate in the ongoing dyeing and sewing of the works.

Exhibition Events:

SAT. April 9, 2022 4-6 pm
Lace Sewing Circles
Participants are encouraged to bring lace and linens to join together to sew the ongoing work with artist Patricia Miranda.

SAT. April 23, 2022 4-6 pm
Making Color from Nature
This workshop will explore natural dyes for use in painting and textile with artist Patricia Miranda.

SAT. May 7, 2022 4-6 pm

Lace Study Day with Patricia Miranda, Elena Kanagy-Loux, Co-founder of The Brooklyn Lace Guild

Elena Kanagy-Loux is a descendant of the Amish and grew up between the US and Japan, where she was immersed in both traditional Mennonite craft and the DIY fashion scene in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood. After receiving her BFA in Textile Design from FIT, she won a grant which funded a four-month trip to study lacemaking across Europe in 2015. Upon returning to NYC, she co-founded the Brooklyn Lace Guild, an organization dedicated to the preservation of lacemaking, and began teaching bobbin lace classes. In 2018 she completed her MA in Costume Studies at NYU where she based her thesis on interviews with lacemakers that she conducted on her European travels. Currently she is the Collections Specialist at the Antonio Ratti Textile Center at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and co-editor of the forthcoming Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of World Textiles, Volume 3, Cloth in Cultures: Non-Wovens.