Mary is an occupied body, a contested and fractured architecture. Centuries of power have been written on her body; she is a reflection of female agency in any given time. Simultaneously, grassroots communities make her their own, a voice for the voiceless, a feminine energy that the church can never entirely control. These casts were made intentionally quickly, molded from an industrial plastic statue made in China. They are recognizable but imperfect, combining the manufactured and handmade. I left statues where I live and work, the Marys acting as proxy bodies, like roadside shrines without a memorializing aspect. The encounter is between the sculpture and the finder, in reaction to the obsession with celebrity, the constant promotional part of making art, I edit myself out of the spectacle and am unknown to the finder. I returned to the sites of the statues later, often multiple times. All the Marys were gone within hours or days, with one exception, a Mary placed by a friend on a pathway in the woods, where she remains today.  Contact me if you are interested in placing a Mary in your community.

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