I spent October at I-Park, and was deeply ensconced in my studio and throughout the amazing wild property.  Residencies are peculiarities, space and time for the mind and body to roam, to experiment, to "gather," and of course, to work long delicious hours in the studio (and at I-Park that includes the landscape!). I was acutely aware of the creative process, its gulfs of emptiness and sudden swift satisfactions. To trust this un-knowing within each moment can be excruciating, yet that voidness is essential to the making of something that does not yet exist.
Kyna Leski's book, The Storm of Creativity, was a touchstone for this residency. "Leski sees the creative process as being like a storm; it slowly begins to gather and take form until it overtakes us... unlearning, ridding ourselves of preconceptions...We gather evidence—with notebook jottings, research, the collection of objects—propelling the process. We perceive and conceive; we look ahead without knowing where we are going; we make connections. We pause, retreat, and stop, only to start again.

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