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Summer News:
ProWax Journal

I am so honored to have been interviewed by artist Nancy Natale for ProWax Journal. ProWax is a quarterly journal focusing on artists working in wax and encaustic. Although I don't use wax as a primary medium, my work and teaching has always been deeply engaged with material culture. Part I is up, part II of the interview will be posted soon.

I am excited to be involved again with Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill
On July 10-14, 1-4pm,  I will offer a 5-day workshop- Paint Explorations with Natural Dyes and Pigments
Feel free to email me with questions about the workshop.

I had a great time presenting at the Encaustic Conference - what a vibrant community of artists! And was honored to have juried the exhibition in the gallery.
I hope to see you in Cape Cod!

Above image- doilies dyed with cochineal insect dye at I-Park.
Follow me now on Twitter @MAPspace @AlchemicalTech Also visit miranda arts project space for news at the gallery.
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